Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Home Renovation Progress is Progress

There's not a whole lot of progress to report in the area of renovations at our "Town House." Read about how it all began HERE.

What I do have to show, however, is the closets for the kids' rooms that my babe "framed in" (I think that's the right terminology). He cut and put them there boards up and nailed them together and somehow attached to the floor and ceiling with measurement precision, okay? That's all I know. I think it is pretty amazing. Where did he get these skills???
Somewhere, I think there are doors ready for those closets. Not sure, but I'm hanging on to each little bit of progress I can find. The exterior of the house, more HERE, is now half scraped and primed. I do have a color scheme somewhat picked out....but I think I will wait until we start painting to reveal our decision. Scho Schorry.

I'm realllllly hoping to complete DE-construction this week/weekend so it's only rebuilding from here on out...or up...whatever.

Anything exciting going on with your Home Renovations?

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