Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Church Building and a Series of Events

This is the building we long to someday call HOME or at the very least make it liveable for someone else to call HOME.

It's a funny little story about how we came to own this cute little church building.

This little church has been my church off and on since I was about the age my daughter is now. Through a series of events, including marriage, children, and bible college, our family made this church our church home once again. In fact, my babe started and ended his "formal ministry" as an "Associate/Youth Pastor" in this building and the neighboring building (the little one to the left) aka "The FireEscape."

A couple of years ago, our church congregation was able to purchase the old abandoned high school across the street, leaving this charming old church building vacant. A family from the church at the time bought this old church and "The FireEscape" with plans to make it their home.

After another series of events, the family decided to give the old church building to a single gal who had just graduated from college. After another series of events, the single gal decided to move whereby my visionary husband asked for how much she would like to sell the building.

Within a week, and permission from the original donor family, the building was given to our family for which we only were asked to recoup the gal's expenses of $800 in materials already put into renovating.

Crazy little story, huh? Well, God is like that. We've never owned a home and the first home we own, we REALLY own. Within 2 months, we also completed a debt repayment program a year early.

We continue to live debt-free with the exception of student loans. We don't drive the nicest vehicles and we don't charge vacations on credit cards, but I continue to have the ability to stay home with my kids and live debt-free....something I remind myself whenever I have a pity-party over my wardrobe choices.

ANYWAY, one of the first orders of business for this eye sore on the corner of the block, is PAINT. I happen to know a little about how to go about that!

Coming up with a color scheme, however, is becoming an overwhelming task. Just when I thought I had it figured out, I noticed the two houses to the north were too close to being the same color. Back to the drawing board.
Any ideas? It has to include at least 4 colors.


  1. I still say red as its base. A nice eggshell, and gray would make good accents. The fourth color, a green roof.

    Our house is a red brick, green roof/shutters, white porch railings and concrete porch (which adds the soft gray accent).

    I think you could do a fabulous job with that palette. But I might be biased since red is my favorite color.

  2. brown green tan burg


  3. The red, I'm afraid is too close to Husker Country (30 miles from Nebraska). Gray and Eggshell (or some kind of of creamy white) are on the top of my list right now! Thanks Lillian.

    Thanks Connie! Is that supposed to coordinate with your roosters??? Love ya!

  4. O my. what a fun project! I cant wait to see how it turns out!!

  5. Thanks Kylee....stay tuned, I will try to update every step of the way. Thanks for stopping by!