Thursday, June 23, 2011

{Thrift Store Thursday}

Oh, I found many a treasure this week. I really think I need to open an online store to get these vintage items out to those who would appreciate them. These vintage items just don't sell here in Smalltown, USA...and I only have so much room!

The only items I had time to photograph (need a model for other items) are these two lovely purses ($1.00 each) and a cute little pair of American Eagle Flats ($1.00).
Should I start an auction?

Meet Virginia Design


  1. My mother had a purse like the black floral. What's it like inside? Can you send me a pic? Does it smell?

  2. I love me some good thrifting! :) those bags look cute!

  3. Purses and shoes! My weakness! Thanks for sharing on Thrifty Thursday :)

  4. Nice thrift store finds. Thanks for linking up to thriftaholics weekly, hope to see you there this week also :)

  5. Thanks! I love seeing everyone's finds!