Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012 Resolutions

I probably spoke on the subject a year ago, but in case I didn't I feel the need to mention I have a love-hate relationship with New Year's Resolutions.

I hate failing, so I hate to resolve to do anything that may fail...which is why you will notice I'm not resolving to lose weight, eat healthy, or exercise more in 2012. Not that I won't do those things, but I've set myself up for failure more times than I can count in that area...and I just can't bear to fail AGAIN after I declared to the world that I was going to try it AGAIN.

The flip side to resolutions, however, is that I really do love setting goals and as much as I resist falling into the the New Year Resolution trap, I'm drawn to it as much as I'm drawn to Caramel Topped New York Style Cheesecake at The Outback. And, I suppose God has been working a bit on my heart about a few things I need to resolve whether it is a new year or not. So here is my list as I was inspired this morning.

1. Give more, save less.
2. Forgive more, condemn less.
3. Get rid of more, hold on to less.
4. Thank more, complain less.
5. Encourage more, degrade less.
6. Love more, hate less.
7. Repent more, disown less.
8. Laugh more, scowl less.
9. Think globally more, think personally less.
10. Surrender to God more, think of self less.

By the grace of God, there will be less of me and more of Him by this time next year. When He is doing the work, I can't fail right?

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