Tuesday, December 27, 2011

IKEA or bust!

We've planned, planned, and planned some more for our trip to IKEA in Twin Cities, Minnesota!  Twice a year, IKEA offers up to 20% off kitchen cabinets, appliances, and some accessories.  Hoping to be moved in by May of next year, time was of the essence to get in on the deal that ended at the end of November.


The trip took just about every ounce of energy, creativity, enthusiasm, and too many other things to think of out of me to even blog (and barely facebook) about. Almost caught up and a series of unfortunate events followed...so sorry for the delay.


Don't get me wrong. I loved, loved, loved living at IKEA for 12 hours straight. My feet didn't love it and neither did my Type-A husband. And, I have to be honest, I was in creative overload when I left...to the point I didn't want to decorate or plan a single other thing in our house. But, that soon passed.

The kids started out at IKEA with us and my parents, seeing the stress mounting, grabbed them and headed to the Mall of America next door. After visiting the showrooms, we STILL had not made it to the Kitchen Department to meet with our planner, Eva Davis. Now the kids were back and time to eat lunch at the IKEA cafe
where Lingonberries and Elder Flower Beverages are a must!

The afternoon continued and continued and continued. With our kitchen plans finalized and payed for we ended up basically getting 3 appliances for free with the savings (or so Eva Davis told us....she's smooth). Making the trip with a moving van ready to take everything home, we weren't about to NOT make the most of the trip and shop around other departments. We found some super sweet deals in the damaged section, and found the the bathroom cabinet and sink I wanted were on sale. And wouldn't you know, IKEA just started a super sweet deal on 15% back on sofa purchase that I had to take advantage of.

Kitchen Planner - Eva Davis

With the trip behind us, I can't really remember everything we ended up getting. I just know we starting loading the truck at 7:30 pm and were eating supper back at the motel by 9pm in complete delirious exhaustion. No wonder I lost my phone that night at the restaurant!


Can't wait to put this IKEA stuff in our new home...

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