Saturday, July 9, 2011

Ugly Thrift Store Mirror Makeover

When i saw this ugly mirror sitting in the "Dirty Room" at the New Image Thrift Store where donations come in to be sorted, cleaned up and placed in the "Clean Room" until ready to put in the store, I saw a new life being revived for this old 70's (?) plastic, brown-framed reflector. Whoo, that was a mouth-full.

In short, I saw an ugly mirror and I thought I could make it pretty with a little spray-paint. (Even the "Before" picture is ugly...sorry about that)


Do I need step-by-step or is it self-explanatory through pictures?

The basics:

1. Cover mirror part with something to keep spray paint from coating.
2. Coat with Rustoleum Plastic Primer Spray, follow directions.
3. Spray frame with your color choice of Spray Paint. I used Rustoleum Multi-Purpose Gloss Black Spray.
4. Remove mirror protector (I used cardstock) and razor blade any paint that made its way onto the mirror.
5. Clean the mirror, Hang it, and look at your beautiful self reflecting back at ya!
Price of this Make-Over:
Mirror: Free, it was going to be passed on to Goodwill.
Paint Primer: $4.99 (enough leftover to use for several other projects)
Spray Paint: $4.99 (enough to use for the next 2 projects)
Heads up...this mirror has served as inspiration for me to make-over two more items and add them all to my bathroom. When they're all complete, I'll post pictures of my bathroom!

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