Friday, June 10, 2011

Twitter Song (Roll Those Dice)

My 9 year-old daughter loves to sing. I can tell how her life is going based on the amount of singing she is doing. The part I love the most is when she makes up her own songs. She has some pretty catchy tunes, and A LOT of the time we find ourselves stuck with her songs in our head. I can still remember a song I woke up to her playing over and over as she sat on her bed strumming the guitar (which she does not know how to play) three years ago. Most of the time, her lyrics come out of putting her life at the moment with a you will see with this video. I'm pretty sure she saw some dice laying on the floor from the night before, saw that I was on twitter and "shabang" a melodramatic song was born. Enjoy!

Home Video
Lyrics & Music
by Kabs (age 9)

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