Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Art of Painting Houses

I don't know if it's actually an "Art," but a "Skill" or "Trade" for sure. It happens to be the only "Family Business" I have the hope of ever inheriting unless R&R Rentals makes it's way through an Aunt & Uncle, 2 Cousins, and a Sister who are probably just as thrilled at the possibility as I am....I think we all agree that R&R Retirement is a better option then trying to keep the humble homes filled with paying renters.Photobucket
Every summer, I happen to be broke enough to join my dad's paint crew. I don't even know how it happens. I recall occasional conversation throughout the winter about upcoming paint jobs and then somehow I just find myself one day getting up really early, putting on my paint clothes, and showing up on the job like it's as natural as making my morning pot of coffee. Oh, the lure of the money...

My 12 year-old son has now had the privilege of earning his way on to the crew. It has truly been a joy to see him learn the rewards of putting in a full day's work, perservering through the heat and mundane jobs, and planning how to spend, save, and tithe off his earnings. Not to mention, he is learning the so called "Art of Painting Houses" and even helped train in a rookie this week.
Up on that ladder, scraping first and then applying primer, and finally paint leaves a lot of time for reflection and interesting conversations to pass the time. I think you'll be hearing from me again on this subject. What do you think?

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This paint job's done, time to go HOME....


  1. Wow that is huge!! I know there are bigger houses out there but that is still one monster job.

    Now I have a porch that needs painting and it isn't nearly as big as that house...are ya in the area? =>