Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Mooncup Diva Cup Review & FAQs

TMI (Too Much Information) ALERT! Male readers take caution.....female topic straight ahead!!!

I have been sooooo excited to get this product review out to all my seestah's out there that have not yet hit menopause. For the ladies who have already crossed over into throws of hot flashes and mood swings, you might find this informative to pass along to all the young gals in your read on!

Today, my friends, I bring you the "Mooncup" aka "Diva Cup"(another brand) aka "Shot Glass for your Vagina" (my friends description...sorry about that).  Oh, there's also the Lunette and the Keeper.

Ok, ok, maybe I'm behind the times and you've all been there, done that...regardless, this product deserves a review.

Here's what I'm talking about:

Yes, this little SILICONE object is my new best friend about once a month for about 5 days. Yes, this is what you think it is: A nice little cup that is inserted in your you-know-what and left to catch you-know-what. Or as Glad Rags puts it, they are "reusable internal devices that catch menstrual blood, rather than absorbing, as a tampon does."  So you see, it fits snugly against your cervix and stays put until you pull it out, empty, rinse, and re-insert.

Ok, let me just say, I was COMPLETELY freaked out about the concept at first, but began to warm up to the idea when I thought of all the pro's:
  • No more buying pads(Sanitary Napkins) or tampons
  • No worry about Toxic Shock Syndrome
  • Less time messing around in the bathroom changing pads/tampons
  • No garbage for my dog to get into and string around the house
  • No leakage worries (no stained sheets, undies, pants)
  • Another move in the right direction to "Go Green."

Low and behold, the Mooncup was on sale through our Food Coop and I ordered my cup from Glad Rags for $21.00. I read a few reviews on the Mooncup vs. the Diva Cup and it seemed there were more women satisfied with the Mooncup so I went for it. There are 2 different sizes available and there's a Chart, FAQ's and further explanation available HERE. It's pretty simple.

According to the chart, I am a size A. In all of the testimonials I've read, I've never come across anyone who had a wrong fit so I think the sizing is pretty accurate.

So I got the alien-like object (and yes it comes with it's own little cotton drawstring bag)with my coop order along with the recommended Dr. Bronner's Tea Tree Oil Liquid Castile Soap for cleaning and I oddly waited in anticipation for my monthly visitor to arrive.

The day came, and it was time to try out my new little friend. I had read all of the instructions, watched all the videos, and like I had purchased a new camera and was about to take my first picture, I headed to the bathroom to put my knowledge to the test.

No worries, I'm not going to describe step-by-step how I did it, that's what the video below (from Mooncup)is for. Instead, I will continue the review with a question and answer interview with myself using questions I've gotten from friends when I tell them the news and questions I desperately wanted answered before committing to this journey. Another WARNING: I want to answer the best I can for you to understand, so the topics may seem a little icky or weird...sorry.

Here it goes....NEVER BEFORE answers to your questions....

Can you feel it?
Yes and no. If you do not insert it far enough up, I will feel it similar to a tampon. When inserted properly, I barely feel it and sometimes forget it is there. There must be something about laying down because after having it in overnight, it is most comfortable and I cannot feel it at all.
Sidenote: There is a stem to help with insertion and retrieval, this can be cut to a length that is comfortable as it is mainly the cause of any discomfort. I trimmed mine the first month and second month and by the third, cut it completely off. Now it's a perfect fit.

So you have to use your fingers to put it up there?
Yes, similar to an O.B. tampon, there is no applicator. As you will see from the video, you fold the cup and insert using your forefinger and thumb. It's really not that bad.

Can it get put in wrong?
Well, you definitely want the opening facing up! But, yes if the cup unfolds before I have it inserted in far enough, it feels like it is in sideways a bit so I try to hold the fold in place until it almost up as far as feels right and then release. If it still feels too low, I give it a push upward.

Any other tips for getting a good fit?
I have found a good squatting position works best versus just sitting on the toilet. Also my sister-in-law and I have found that general movement with legs and squatting helps at first to get it just right.

Do you still have to wear a pad?
Nope. Not at all. I have never had a leak. Now, my sister-in-law had a VERY heavy day and she overflowed after 6 hours, but she was able to feel it immediately and get to the bathroom without consequence.

How long can you keep it in?*
The company recommends up to 8 hours, I have gone as long as 10 with no problem.

What will happen if you leave it in too long?*
The cups are not harmful in any way. The only concern with leaving the cup in too long is the possibility of overflowing.

What about TSS?*
That is what I LOVE about the Mooncup! A classmate of mine died from TSS caused by tampon usage. There has NEVER been a report of TSS associated with the use of the Mooncup or Diva Cup. Now that is something to get excited about! I even thought of starting a campaign in my classmate's honor to spread the word about the Mooncup alternative to tampons. RIP Christie Senski.

How do you get it out?
Since there is no string attached (haha), you have to make contact. Now, this is where the learning curve occurred. It was a little disturbing to yank on the stem until the seal release, causing a suction sound and a very small amount of pain somewhere up in there. My sis-in-law came up with a technique that worked for both of us. First, push like you are delivering a baby, then squeeze the bottom of the bulb (versus the stem) and pull. Voila'! No pain, no weird noise. Easy release. Works everytime. Relaxation is key.

So it's out, now what?
Gently turn it over into the toilet to empty. Now here's where it gets tricky. You see, in my little bathroom I can reach the sink while sitting on the toilet, so I throw it in the sink and finish my business (wiping and all that) and then I wash the cup thoroughly with hot water and Tea Tree Soap, shake the water off and re-insert.

What if I'm not at home?
For public restrooms, I have taken it out, wrapped in toilet paper, taken it to sink and very discreetly cleaned it, hid it in my hand, and returned to the stall to insert. I have only had to do this once, as for the most part I have a private restroom available every 6-8 hours. What's the worst that could happen? You might just have to inform someone about such a wonderful alternative!

Do you just use it on heavy days?
No. I start using it as soon as my visitor arrives and continue until she leaves. My friend always waits until Day 2 for some reason. I have read of others that only use it overnight.

What about swimming and sports?
This is the absolute BEST thing for active women! It will not fall out, it is comfortable, it is discreet. It frees me up to do whatever I want to do without worry!

What else would you like to say?
I had to endure a learning curve, please STICK WITH IT. I read somewhere to give it 2 cycles before giving up. I definitely agree with that! The first cycle was hard adjusting, but I was determined to save money and boast of a healthy alternative. I am sooooo glad I gave it a 2nd cycle. By the end of the second month, I was a believer. I've completed a 3rd cycle and I've never been more excited about something that has to do with hormone imbalance, blood, and cramps. I can honestly say, I don't dread menstruating like I did before. No joke!

End Interview.
*Please read more on these questions on the website.

Those are the questions not quite covered in the FAQ's page on the Glad Rags WEBSITE. I highly encourage you to visit their website and read through EVERYthing.

I would LOVE to hear your comments. Have you heard of the Mooncup/Diva Cup before? Are you a believer? Are you brave enough to give it a try?

I would also LOVE to answer any questions you may have about it. I will do my best to answer with my experienced usage!

If you are a believer or become one, spread the word through great products (postcards, sticker, coupons)...I'm ordering mine right now!

**I'm not being compensated for this review in anyway (but I should be, huh?).

MCUK Menstrual Cup


  1. I am the one that waits until day two to use my diva cup. The reason is because I am so heavy and have so many clots that it over flows ALL the time those first 2 days. After that it is smooth sailing. When using it starting on day two I do have to wear a panty liner for just a few hours. How ever, I love it. When I have to dump it if I am out and about, I make sure I have the flushable wipes with me and just dump and wipe it out in the stall.

  2. Have used the Diva for a little while now, I'm a believer--great post!