Saturday, June 18, 2011

Poodle Cut Before & After

One of our HOME-eez is our Poodle Schnauzer(?) aka Schnoodle aka Mutt. His name is "OSCAR" and he's a fabulous rescue dog.

We've searched for the perfect dog over the last few years, trying out several including
a Bulldog (he came with some aggressive behaviors),
a Weimaraner (came with seizures that eventually ended his life),
a Hound Dog (that ate a sock, a bird, and a marble the first and last day we had him),
a Maltepoo (that my mother-in-law decided to take back)
...and NOW--->OSCAR, who fell into our lives and won over our hearts when we decided to meet with him in the "Visiting Room" at the local Humane Society.

He came into our lives in February, freshly shaven and ready to love everyone in the family equally.

With summer here, we decided it was time to give him a fancy poodle cut. What do you think?


We think he is so incredibly handsome. They even gave him eyelashes (can't quite see them in the photos). Thanks to "Fancy Paws Pet Styling" for an amazing cut & groom! They sent us text pictures throughout the process. How thoughtful!

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